Works of Jesus By Bro Andrew Chua

John 6; John 3: 16-21

Jesus performed many miracles and healings. A large crowd followed him in Galilee. It was the time for the Passover. Jesus asked Philip where they could buy bread for the people. Buying bread was out of the question to Philip. He told Jesus that the money they had – 200 denarii – would not be enough for the people, even if each one just had just a little piece. Philip saw the limitations of the amount of money they had.

Jesus knew that he was about to perform another miracle. He had merely asked his disciple about buying bread to test him. Another disciple, Andrew, apparently exasperated asked: “There is a boy here who has five loaves and two fish, but what are they for so many?” John 6: 8, 9

Andrew saw the huge crowd and the few loaves and fish and the futility of trying to feed the crowd.

We know what happened. Over 5,000 people were fed that day. Jesus was doing the work of God when He performed the miracle. He knew of God’s resources.

His disciples knew the value of money, the logic of numbers and quantity. They saw loaves and the fish. They counted the number of men. They saw the leftovers and counted them. The fragments of the loaves filled 12 baskets.

The crowd saw what the practical advantage of having Jesus. Jesus could miraculously supply food.

Jesus wanted His disciples to see what the work of God is about. He explained that this is the work of God: “that you belive in Him whom He has sent” John 6:29

Read with John 3:16, it becomes abundantly clear that God’s deepest concern is that we have eternal life instead of being condemned to hell.