Friday in the Word

Title: Friday in the Word
Location: ZGM, 32 Jalan Lokam
July 8
Introductory Overview of the Psalms
Encountering the Savior in His Humanity – Ps 40

July 15
Encountering the Savior as the Son of God, the Christ – the Anointed One – Ps 2
Encountering the Savior in His anticipation of Death Ps 116 The Passover Song

July 22
Encountering the Savior in His Passion – Ps 22

July 29
Expecting the Savior as the resurrected Lord, the King of Glory – Ps 110
Ps 47 second coming of Christ and consummation of His kingdom

Speaker :
Ms. Amy Lau ThM (Bible Exp. & Christian Ed.), Dallas Theological Seminary (2001)
Graduate Teacher Diploma, Evangelical Training Association (2002)
BBA, National University of Singapore (1986)
Ms. Amy Lau holds a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 2002,
she has taught graduate and postgraduate courses in biblical theological studies, both in
the East Asia School of Theology and Baptist Theological Seminary.
Currently on staff with Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ (SCCC), she is involved in the
SCCC community ministry, besides being regularly engaged to speak and teach at meetings organized for tertiary Christian fellowships in Singapore
Date: 2011-07-09