A Call To Worship

Psalm 104

On Psalm 104

This psalm is all through a song of nature, the adoration of God in the great outward temple of the universe.

Some in these modern times have thought it to be a mark of high spirituality never to observe nature; and I remember sorrowfully reading the expressions of a godly person, who, in sailing down one of the most famous rivers in the world, closed his eyes, lest the picturesque beauties of the scene should divert his mind from scriptural topics.

This may be regarded by some as profound spirituality; to me it seems to savor of absurdity. There may be persons who think they have grown in grace when they have attained to this; it seems to me that they are growing out of their senses.

To despise the creating work of God, what is it but, in a measure, to despise God himself?

Charles Spurgeon (Aug 13th, 1871)